Quality Care

Meaningful Experiences

At School of Children every child is treated as a unique individual and every family as a child's first and most valuable teacher.


Curriculum for All Stages

Our curriculum was developed based on developmental milestones, the interest of the children and state standards.


In our infant program, we focus on creating a healthy bond  with each baby by meeting their needs for basic care, stimulation and affection. We offer activities that promote discovery experiences, physical development and cognitive exploration.

Lesson plans are developed weekly and are individualized to reflect the various learning stages and each infants individual schedule.


Our toddler program thrives on moving and doing! Our todds are very hands on interactive with the curriculum developed especially for them. It includes age and developmentally appropriate activities that will prepare them for our preschool program. They learn routines, cooperation, independence and pre academic skills within a play based curriculum.

Pre School

Your preschoolers will love coming to school and exploring and learning with friends. Our curriculum includes activities in pre math (numbers, shapes. colors, sorting, patterns ect), pre science (discovery experiences, making predictions, experimenting, taking risks, ect) beginning social studies community helpers, exposure to cultural experiences, learning about places around the world ect), literacy (letters, letter sounds, books, language development ect) , the arts (music, dance, puppetry ect) and social development (making friends, cooperative play, problem solving ect). Our academic and play based curriculum is fun, interactive and always changing with the children's interest and based on their development. You'll be amazed at what your preschooler can do!

School Age Program

Our before and after school program includes fun and games for the children to enjoy after a busy day of school work and also tutoring and homework assistance.  Our children build bonds here as we encourage inclusion, team work and friendship.